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Desiderio Plus - 315° Continuous Refill 75 Psi (5 bar) Steam & Vacuum & Hot Water Injection - Made in Italy

$1,995.00 $1,695.00
(You save $300.00)

Heavy Residential Use – Light/Medium Commercial A Steam Cleaner AND a Vacuum AND Injection with Continuous fill! Virtually unmatched and unchallenged, the Vapor Clean Desiderio "all in one" Steam Cleaner is limited only by your imagination.


Product Description


Commercial or home this lightweight giant does it all!
Identical to our popular Desiderio, but with one big difference – Continuous operation for the serious steam cleaner enthusiast.

The Desiderio steam / vapor and injection system gets out stains that conventional machines leave behind as well as eliminating the bacteria, molds and mites which cause annoying allergies.

 The Desiderio water filtration system traps bacteria and dust in its collection tank and exits through an additional filter. Because of the advanced steam settings, even the most valuable furniture can be cleaned safely.

Equipped with a perfect combination of 315 degrees steam cleaning power with a commercial strength two stage vacuum and combined injection system, the Desiderio will allow you to virtually clean and sanitize every surface imaginable. The Desiderio steam / vapor and injection system gets out stains that conventional machines leave behind as well as eliminating the bacteria, molds and mites which cause annoying allergies.


MSRP $2295.00 | Our price $1895 | Sale $1695  ( $850 down + 2 months @ $423 )



Remove chemical buildup in your carpets and clean with steam - with excellent results!

There are many carpet cleaning products on the market, and several methods used to clean carpets. Chemicals and soaps are used to clean carpets, but not all of the chemical is extracted from the carpet during the process. Some experts say that, depending on the chemicals and equipment used, as much as 75% of the chemical can remain in the carpet. Most chemicals work by bonding with the soils in the carpet, thus allowing both the chemical and the soil to be extracted. Unfortunately, this process does not stop when the cleaner leaves the premises. Instead, the chemicals continue right on bonding and locking in dirt. Hot water / steam evaporates faster, reducing over wetting of padding and potential mold and mildew growth. Hotter water breaks down water-soluble soiling faster. Heat acts as a catalyst promoting quicker reactions between chemicals and the soil."

Watch as this hard to clean “Berber” traffic area carpet is revived with no soap at all!! This is “real steam” not like the big names that call their brands carpet steam cleaners when all they really do is sell you cleaners and no steam!The Desiderio is not intended for carpet cleaning companies, only to replace them.

1. The carpet below was actually “cleaned” (image 1) with a Rug Doctor, lots of soap and “stain removers” purchased for Rug Doctor “Steam Cleaners” by a soap crazed tenant with the “more is better theory”.
2. We injected “actual” steam and heated water from the Desiderio – the soap residue left from the previous method began to foam excessively (image 2)
3. The water filtration system was filled with not only dirty water from the “cleaned” carpet, but also the soap that had been left in the fibers was extracted out of the carpet (image 4)
4. The Desiderio not only removed all of the soap in the fibers – also cleaned the stain and carpet far better than any other method. Finally, chemical free, far improved appearance, healthier and will extend life to the carpet. (image 3).

soapstain1a.jpg soapstain2a.jpg soapstain4a.jpg soapstain3a.jpg

Many home and rental store carpet machines advertise the term “Steam Cleaners” however, this term is used incorrectly and can be misleading to the consumer. There must be a heating element in a product to enable the actual heating of water to an optimal temperature for thorough cleaning. 

We have yet to find a Hoover, Rug Doctor or Bissell that offers this feature.

However, they do offer many varieties of...... pre-treatments, cleaners, enzymes, anti-foamers, spot removers, traffic area treatments, odor removers, pet stain removers etc. for purchase to clean your carpets with the machine. Whew! No other system on the market in a standard 110 electrical outlet can produce the high dry steam temperature and extraction capability as the Desiderio at the same time!


Optional Steam / Injection only hose

Vacuum  3 Button Hose w/ Simutaneous Use function
Accurate Read Gauge Injection tank with continuous refill reservoir  











  • Refill bottle
  • Round brush with hard bristles
  • Grey round brush attachment
  • Self-lubricating O-ring kit
  • Rectangular brush complete kit
  • Upholstery and deep carpet tool
  • Window cleaner
  • Extension wands (2pcs) set
  • Nozzle with 1/2 brush
  • Nebulizer
  • Flexible hose with hand-grip
  • Curved detail attachment
  • Small brush for nozzle,
  • 1/2 small brush for lance
  • Triangle brush
  • 2 Stainless Steel Scrubbies
  • 1 16x16 Microfiber Towel
  • Air-turbo brush: Vacuum generated "beater bar" for carpet vacuuming and simultaneous steaming if preferred.



  • Insulated Stainless Steel Cylindrical Boiler 18/10 AISI 304
  • 315° = 0 – 75 psi / 5 bar – Continuous Operation (240° – 294° Tip Temperature)
  • Microbiological laboratory test below Superb sanitization and virucidal elimination with the Desiderio
  • Powerful 1700 watts 110/120 designed to work on any household outlet. This unit produces steam and extraction in a well designed balance of power distribution
  • Flexible 8 Ft. Hose – Fingertip grip on handle to control steam easily with Safety Handle – Steam, Vacuum and Inject Simultaneously – or separately
  • Water Collection Tank 2 – 4 Liter for recovery of dirt and debris and all airborne particles
  • 2.7 ltr boiler / 1.5 ltr injection reservoir – Excellent results can be achieved for cleaning carpet stains, traffic areas and overall cleaning
  • Highly manageable 11.5 wide x 18.5 high x 14 long
  • Commercial grade 2 stage vacuum allows high suction level with adjustable dial for full range of desired extraction level
  • Replaceable heating element
  • Adjustable Pressure regulator allows the raising or lowering of pressure at the tip for perfect utilization of tools provided
  • Heats in 12-14 minutes
  • Oversized 17 foot electrical cord
  • Full range adjustable vacuum level of suction
  • High Impact ABS Exterior
  • Optional steam/injection only hose
  • 30 lb weight with boiler filled
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor – lifetime boiler & heating element
  • Made in Italy
  • All Vapor Clean vapor steamers are guaranteed New, and Individually tested at our factories

Desi Plus FAQ


Below is an overview of similar products in the marketplace in direct comparison with the Desiderio Plus. To Compare all Vapor Clean machines and their features please visit our Help me Choose page

Product  Boiler Temp Pressure Watts Continous Fill
Injection Weight Origin Price Warranty
Desiderio Plus 315 5 bar 1700  Yes - Internal Yes - Internal Yes - Internal  30 Italy $1695 1 P&L / Life Boiler & Heat Element
Reliable Tandom Pro 2000CV 320 6 bar 1700  yes - External Yes - External Yes - External  63 Italy $3395 1 P & L / Life Boiler
Dupray Carmen Inox 320 7 bar 1800 yes - External Yes - External Yes - External  66 Europe $3997 3 Yr parts / Life Boiler


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