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Pro6 Solo - 315° Single Boiler - 75 Psi (5 bar) - Stainless Steel - Made in Italy

$1,195.00 $789.00
(You save $406.00)

Heavy Residential Use – Light/Medium/Heavy Commercial Our Pro6 solo has joined in to offer another choice to meet your needs and your budget. The twin to our top selling Pro6 Duo, offers identical accessories, with one difference of the commercial single boiler. Portable yet built to withstand demands of any user.


Product Description



The Pro6 Solo, a reflection of its counterpart “duo” has all of the same bells and whistles with a powerhouse single boiler. The Pro6 offers such features as an industrial grade detachable hose which allows easier storage and comfort in knowing that your machine is perfectly safe to pull along as you clean. Features include a pressure regulator knob allowing you to adjust the amount of steam/pressure output for your specific cleaning task. The numbered pressure gauge will give you an exact indication at all times to optimize your cleaning.

MSRP $1195 | Our price $789

( $425 down + 182 x 2 months )

  • Commercial 6mm Insulated 2 quart boiler
  • 12 minute heat up
  • Replaceable Heating Element – Copper Tubing, Brass Fittings, Double coated circuitry
  • 315° = 0 – 75 psi / 5 bar – Single Boiler (240° – 294° Tip Temperature)
  • 1500 watt for faster recovery, low 13 amp draw.
  • Variable Pressure Control Dial
  • Pressure gauge – 8 ft extended length detachable Hose w/ Safety Handle with fingertip control
  • 15 ft electrical cord
  • 14.5 lbs empty
  • 12Lx12Wx11.5H
  • A complete set of excellent quality tools & accessories
  • 4 Large Casters for easy mobility & durability
  • Warranty -1 Year Parts & Labor - Lifetime Boiler & Heating Element
  • All Vapor Clean vapor steam cleaners are guaranteed new, and Individually tested at our factories.
  • Made in Italy

The Pro6 is the #1 recommended by Pest Control professionals across America and Canada for homeowners and business. The 315° commercial boiler yields quick heat up to 75 psi and good steam regeneration. For over a decade, we have streamlined all of our products to meet our goal of product excellence for many years of use. This makes us happy and our customers even more! Exclusively manufactured in Italy for Vapor Clean and direct to our warehouses and ready to ship!

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Check out our accessories section to see some of our specials offered today and unique items for your steam cleaner. Our buyers favorites include our classic Bonus Pack which is a $60 value offered for $35 at the time of purchase. This great deal includes $42.00 worth of cleaning brushes, carry bag, microfiber towel and mop pad. From microfiber mop pads, towels, intensifier pads, we have an arsenal for your cleaning job.

Our full service warranty includes 1 year defective Parts & Labor and lifetime boiler and heating element replacement. All service is provided by Vapor Clean.

Standard Accessories Included:

  • 2 Extension wands
  • Floor brush w/ clips
  • Triangle brush w/ clips
  • Flexible hose
  • Window squeegee
  • Jet Nozzle with single hole
  • Jet Nozzle with 3 holes
  • Jet Nozzle – Extended length
  • Medium round brush
  • Medium triangle brush
  • 1 Stainless
  • 8 Nylon
  • 1 Brass detail cleaning brush
  • Water Fill Bottle
  • 2 Stainless Scrubbies
  • Ultra-Steam Pads / 1 Floor – 1 Triangle
  • 2 16×16 Microfiber Towel
  • Oring set




Pro6 Solo FAQ

1. For the pro 6 Does it have a Digital pressure and temperature gauge What gauges or warning buttons come with it? 

It has an analog gauge as you will see on the images.

2. Steam switch - tell me the best features on the hand switch.

This has an index finger grip.

3. Can you fill the reserve partially for smaller jobs?

There is no reserve, it is a single boiler, the Duo has the reservoir system.

4. How is the maintenance performance on This model?


5. Is there a manual for the pro6?


6. What is the cost of a replacement heating element.

There is no cost under warranty for life.

8. Is there a solenoid before the hose attachment to eliminate water buildup in the hose?

All quality steam cleaners have solenoids.

9. Can it be pulled around by the hose?


10. Does it come with a Drain attachment?

There is one that can be easily adjusted to be used that comes with our Pro5.

11. How long do you wait to add water? Does it have to cool down?

A couple of minutes

12. Are the extension wands plastic or metal?

Metal, and no they do not burn.

13. Does this model make a lot of noise?

All steam cleaners make a degree of noise. It is dependant on how the pressure regulator is set, lower - quieter, high - louder.

14. Is it similar to the pro5 noise wise?

Yes. You can adjust the noise along with the steam pressure and tool you are using

15. How long do you feel it will last before needing to be refilled?

At least an hour, it depends on how you are using it. Typically much longer than that.

16. Is it okay to unplug move and plug it in while it is still hot?

Yes, just power it off first.

17. Please, also answer the question on our tap water that uses a water softener.

Do not use softened water, it has salt in it.

18. How is the pro6 more portable?

It is smaller. 

19. How easy is it to empty the water from the pro6?

Very easy. There is a boiler plug, when the water is cool.


Below is an overview of similar products in the marketplace in direct comparison with the Pro6 Solo. To Compare all Vapor Clean machines and their features please visit our Help me Choose page

Product  Boiler Temp Pressure Watts Housing Accessories Origin Price Warranty
Pro6 Solo  315
75 psi 1500 Stainless
31 Italy $789 1 P&L / Life Boiler
& Heating Element
VX 5000 298 65 psi 1400 Stainless
18 Italy $795 1 Yr Limited
Environmate Go E20
315 72 psi 1700 Plastic  14 Italy $699 1 Yr Lmtd. / Life Boiler
315 75 psi 1600 Enamel
24 Italy $996 1 Yr P & L / Life Boiler
Eurosteam 298 65 psi 1600 Stainless 22 Italy $1295 Limited 1 Yr



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